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Teambuilding is one of our core business function and in the past years we have accumulated a large number of companies whom regular make use of our services. But let’s be honest not all companies can afford high cost teambuilding options… We are proud to offer a range of products to fit any budget.



We can offer options at one of our 6 venues in the Western Cape or we can provide you with options at your place of work or a venue you would prefer. We are a one stop teambuilding shop and can assist with all of your arrangements – including – Accommodation, Conferencing, Meals, Themed events and Transport.
Teambuilding forms part of all companies yearly and often quarterly goals. If a company doesn’t have a dedicated plan for regular teambuilding then they obviously don’t appreciate the outcome of a day away from work with fellow staff members.

As Sa Forest Adventures our Teambuilding options obviously include some of the most amazing activities experiences such as Ziplining, Quad Biking, Sandboarding, White Water Rafting, River Tubing, Paintball just to mention a few of our activities. Two of our quad bike trails are rated in the top 10 trails in South Africa – our largest site has 50 Quad Bikes and we also include 4×4 on the trail if your group is larger. Each teambuilding member will get the experience to drive the Quad Bikes on some of the most scenic trails in South Africa.

Our Ziplines are also exceptionally popular and this is a comfortable activity for all in the team.
For the more active teambuilding experience we have activities such as Sandboarding and White Water Rafting.

All though the above activities are a bit more active than your normal experiences they are enjoyed by most companies.

We also have a large selection of less active options such a Minute to win it challenges. Get your team laughing and actively involved with camaraderie and helping one another to complete a range of challenges.

We are also one of the largest companies to offer potjiekos and cooking competitions. This is a fantastic way to play around with your budget as your killing two birds with one stone. A meal and teambuilding in the form of a potjiekos competition.

Amazing race events has become one of our trademark activities with our largest group to date 2400 guests. We offer a tailor made event and we pride ourselves that we don’t work from a setmenu but work with you to create the experiences you would like and fits into your budget.


We have a massive selection of products. The above are just some of the activities we can offer.  If you would like more info on our teambuilding option please feel free to email us at –

White Water Rafting

Our White Water Rafting season has finally started. This is undoubtedly the most extreme and exciting activity Sa Forest Adventures has on offer. 1 Hour From Cape Town you will arrive in the picturesque town of Kleinmond – Our Base of operations for the White Water Rafting is here.

Our office in Harbor road is the meeting point and after fitting your wetsuits and safety gear we head off into the Kogelberg World Heritage site. This Nature reserve is host to spectacular walking trails and boast unspoiled natural beauty.

The Adventure takes place inside this floral kingdom. We start the rafting experience with a safety talk, meet and greet and then a short hike to the water. Once on the river (depending on the water level) the Guides will assist with safety and ensuring you are comfortable — well less talk and more visuals – below is what you can expect during the White Water Rafting session with us


Cape Town Teambuilding

Teambuilding Quadbiking – A guest blog below from one of you happy teambuilding customers.


Happy Reading…..

­­For an outdoor teambuilding experience with a difference everyone has to go experience the Nature Discovery quad bike trails – (Part of the SA Forest Adventures family of companies). This branch is nestled in the Elgin valley centered in the town of Grabouw. Circled by the Hottentots Holland Mountains the broad upland valley lies about 70 km southeast of Cape Town, which makes it the perfect break-away being a measly 45 minutes from Cape Town.  Here a number of Quad Bike trails await with one of the largest fleet of quads in South Africa for your teambuilding events.

At 9:00 in the Morning when we arrived, we were blessed with the perfect winters morning weather, the sun grazing graciously through the trees and lighting every single drop of dew on the grass, we were welcomed by 4 Rangers/Guides who were very professional, neatly dressed and polite, we proceeded signing our indemnity forms (hoping nothing extreme will happen to me today) and fitted our helmets, (the jokes already started between the group guess it’s nerves and excitement) we each got our fitted helmet which immediately made me feel much more of a professional quad bike driver (even though I’ve never been on one). Each of us were introduced to our own personal quad bike and given easy instructions, briefing on safety and a time-line on our 4-hour quad bike experience. We followed by doing a practice trail, thus by this time every one has settled and become familiar with their quad. As soon as we all had the confidence with our quads we started our fascinating adventure into the mountains.

Elgin Adventure1

The Elgin Valley is home to Appeltizer, one of the worlds most renowned soft drinks, where along with various fresh produce, most notably apples, pears and grapes fill the landscapes as far as the eye can see. The beautiful country landscape allows you to escape the city life; the beauty of nature will mesmerize the whole family, or team. This is the perfect activity to reconnect with nature and your true self. Being surrounded by the magnificent views and outdoor water streams seaming from the mountains, everyone’s spirit and energy is lifted. Now and then the rangers make sure every one is comfortable with the environment traveled and everybody is still comfortably keeping up. The terrain traveled up the mountain to our first stop covers various conditions from tar road, over train tracks, between plantations, a bit of rocky trails and most fun of all water pools, each of us connecting to our inner child as we race trough the water (one of those things our mothers frowned upon).

Teambuilding Cape Town

Some in our team opted to rather attempt the trail with a guide driven Polaris Ranger as they simply wanted to take in the natural beauty and not be hassled with driving – this was also a nice option as a number of 4×4 vehicles assist during large Teambuilding events.


Elgin Adventure2

Every few hundred meters we transport further into the woods and up into the mountains still nothing but you and nature. Some places we went you might not even know what continent you’re on! Since there are no trends, influences, or expectations, and you are free to ponder life on your quad bike. It can be very spiritual to spend some time removed from anything man-made. This was an awesome experience as a teambuilding program.


This Experience is a reminder that we are not infinite.  We are faced with one of the most beautiful views the Western Cape has to offer. Standing on the mountain looking down on the life has a calming effect. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this quad adventure in the outdoors made me realize how little you actually know about the place we call home. Hundreds of species of plants and animals live amongst each other in the Elgin valley. This is the way the eco-system is meant to work — each fragment contributes to a greater balance as they coexist, humans could certainly stand to take note.


Being able to share this beauty and have an amazing quad bike adventure made our company teambuilding a truly memorable day.

We grow and become our best selves when we take advantage of new adventures, as we all took one last sip on our coffee appreciating the unforgettable view, the rangers guided us to the next nature point a waterfall.  As if what we just experienced isn’t motivation enough, the rest of the nature coarse was something we rarely given the opportunity to experience. This adventure is sure to put on your bucket list as an individual or as we did a teambuilding event.


Other than getting vitamin D and lowering stress levels this experience has brought great insight to how truly fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful country. On our way to the waterfall we passed the most exquisite fauna and flora, the Kogelberg biosphere is laced with wildlife and movie scenes, the lake we passed reminded me of Lord of the Rings could have been in Angelus Lakes, Nelson Lakes, National Park, New Zealand, searching for the ring.


Just as magical we stopped at our next point this time the Giants Washbasin Falls. We all wondered up a narrow mountain trail to discover an wonderful waterfall tumbling meters down a rock face.


Again I was silenced by nature. I could feel every one around me appreciating the moment. We finally headed back to basecamp to forever hold this adventure as one of our best teambuilding events EVER!



“It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.” unknown





Team Building

Team building for any company is a vital tool to improve work relations as well as motivating staff. Sa Forest Adventures as a huge product selection for your company to choice from for the next successful team building outing.

Our Team building products range from soft activities such as Minute to Win it challenges to more extreme experiences such as our White Water Rafting adventure.

We can easily customize your Team building requirements. Most company’s simply want a memorable day and we are more than up for the challenge to provide you with an awesome experience. Once you have used us you are likely to visit us again yearly because of our service and selection of products.

We have a number of sites in the Western Cape and Cape Town you can visit with your team or we can provide you with options at a venue of your choice as most of our team building experiences are mobile.

Out of the large selection the following are the most popular as selected by our clients:

Cape Adventure Day trip – This is a full day all-inclusive adventure – Quad Biking – Ziplining – Sandboarding – Lunch and complementary transport for the group from your office and back.

Quad Biking – we have one of the largest fleets of Quads in South Africa and have multiple venues and a selection of trails to ensure you have a fun filled adventure.

Zipline tours – We have a number of Ziplines in the Western Cape – Hermanus – Garden route and our most popular zipline tour – Cape Town Ziplines.

Potjiekos competitions – this can be done at one of our venues or a venue of your choice. This activity still remains one of the best choices as it also serves as the groups meal. Interaction between the participants are encouraged thus ensuring a festive and competitive environment – add on Drumming to this for a minimal fee and you have an awesome team building event.

We have a full list of all our other team building activities on this link  below – Click to Download below.




Quad Trails

We offer some of the most unique Quad Trails in the Western Cape – our trails in Grabouw ( 50 minutes from Cape Town) and our trail in Hermanus (1H30 from cape town) has both been identified as two of the top ten quad trails in South Africa.

If you would like to book the quads in Hermanus  please click on this link.  HERMANUS QUADS

Our Quad Trails in Grabouw focuses on the quad biking enthusiasts:

ADVENTURE QUAD TRAIL-Duration 2H00 to 2H30

The trail will take you through South Africa’s natural habitat of our rare plant species called fynbos. These quad biking tours are ideal for exploring. Together with an introduction to our spectacular environment, the quad bike tours are safe and easy, giving extra time to explore the special floriculture and mountain scenery. The Quad Trail  tour will take you into the Hottentots Holland mountains allowing you to take spectacular photographs of the breathtaking views. This tour is an unforgettable and unique experience enjoyed by most!


WATERFALL QUAD TRAIL-Duration 3H30 to 4H00 

The Waterfall trial is approximately 30km long and it is our most popular tour. This tour takes you through the fynbos trails and into the mountains of the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve. On this incredible tour we take you to the Old Gantouw Pass Wagon Trail which is known as a world heritage site the original wagon route of the Dutch and British settlers, over the Mountains of Africa, so called in the old days. This route was used for 150 years and following the migratory Eland, one of the oldest and steepest and most treacherous passes in the Western Cape. Even today one can still see the deep gouges in the rocks, made by the brakes of the wagons, as they descended the precipitous pass down through what is now Somerset West from the lush grazing area of the Elgin Valley. The Waterfall Quad Trail tour is a wonderful opportunity to take photographs of the unique Fynbos species. This is a truly unique and wonderful to experience the Western Cape of Southern Africa.



The Full Day Quad Trail is one of our most wondrous trails which runs for approximately 50km and includes a packed lunch.
The tour takes you through the forest track and into the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve where you get the privilege of discovering unusual geological rock formation, extraordinary mountain passes and breathtaking scenery. The fynbos habitat is varied with excellent photographic opportunity. At the waterfall or at a massive weir that hardly has any visitors – Here we serve a smart picnic lunch that is thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The Full Day Quad Trail incorporates the highlights of the Adventure Quad Trail and the Waterfall Quad trail. On this trail we inform you about our Fynbos which grows in a 100km- to 200km-wide coastal belt stretching from the West Coast to the south-east coast. It makes up 80% of the Cape Floral Region.
Our Quad Trails are not weather dependent and we will provide you with rain coasts. In winter we recommend warm clothes and in summer sun block.


1Hour from Cape Town – A stone trow away from the town of Kleinmond.

The scenery is breath-taking as the mountains tower over you, and the lush green nature reserve stretches as far as the eye can see. The smell of fynbos cloaks around the river, as insects buzz and sound of wildlife echo off the gorges. Tubing is provided during the summer months. Professional guides lead you on this adventurous ride of a life time, but bookings are essential. Relax and for a few hours forget about the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kogelberg Nature Reserve a World Heratige Site – is often considered the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, because of the exceptional quality of its fynbos. The reserve has remained isolated and remarkably unspoilt. Its high mountain peaks, steep kloofs, valleys and several tributaries of the pristine Palmiet River create a sense of remote wilderness.


Water levels always differ so please phone before the time to check the water levels.


NB: We all meet (BE ON TIME PLZ) 9:15 at our Kleinmond office, in Harbour rd as you drive down to the harbour in Kleinmond on your right hand side, from there we will depart to the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Please confirm water levels 2 days prior to your arrival!!

Rates From R550 p.p for a 2 to 3 hour excursion





White Water Rafting



So our season is about to start on our local Palmiet river again – only 1 Hour from Cape Town and 5 Minutes from Kleinmond.
Have a look at our “what to Expect” video below:

We provide all gear, wetsuits and guides – the River provides the Fun 🙂


The Rafting is not only one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences you will ever have but also has a natural beauty in the surroundings unlike any other rafting experience.

Considered by many to be the most beautiful of CapeNature’s protected areas, Kogelberg Nature Reserve earns that reputation largely to the fact that it occupies an area with minimal human interference. Its exceptional diversity and quality of fynbos means it is considered the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. The reserve presents perhaps the finest example of mountain fynbos in the Western Cape.

Rafting SA Forest Adventures

Our Rafting experience on the Palmiet is dictated by the water levels and we use 2 types of Crafts depending on the levels.

Sandboarding is a boarding Sport similar to the popular Snowboarding.

Sandboarding near Cape Town and Hermanus

Sandboarding near Cape Town and Hermanus

It is an awesome recreational activity that takes place on our Large +-230 meter High Sand Dune rather than on a snow covered mountain. This boarding sport has adherents throughout the world, most prevalently in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes.

We are very fortunate to have one of Africas Highest Commercial Sand Boarding Dunes a stone throw away from Cape Town in Bettys Bay.
Our guides/s will provide you with training and safety on the dune. Sandboarding is a wonderful activity as its both fun and extreme (depending on your skills as you progress) Once our training session has finished we will start off with a smaller section of the dune. We will progress Higher and Higher up on the dune as your skills improve.

The norm is to stand on the Sandboard as you descend down the dune but if you prefer to rather sit we will show you the ropes as this is also a lot of fun if your balance seems to get the better of you.
Sandboarding is ideal for individuals but also extremely entertaining for larger groups and teambuilding options.

What to wear and bring:
Bottled water is a must as you will get thirsty.
Sunscreen – in summer!!
Comfortable clothes and shoes.

Each sand boarding session is +- 3 Hours long

Cape Town Ziplines 2014



Our latest Cape Town Adventure will ensure that you will experience one of your most memorable activities in the Mother City.

Ideally situated in Cape Town – Constantia Nek and accessible from all mayor transport routes including the Hop-on, Hop-off City Sightseeing Cape Town Bus (stop 21). This privately owned property has a number of facilities including a restaurant – conference facilities and other team building options for groups – or individual bookings.



For group inquiries please email us at

What can you expect from our new Cape Town Zipline Tour



Higher –  up to 155 meters above the tree canopy.

Longer – up to 500 Meter cables

Faster – Higher and longer cables= Faster slides.

Etc – Etc – Etc

All part of the latest experience.

The age limit for our new operations will also be raised to Minimum 8 Years and once you visit the site you will understand why…….  WARNING – DO NOT Attempt to book this activity if you have a fear of Heights!!!!!

Cape Town Ziplines – will form part of SA Forest Adventures product offering.  We will aim to give you a thrilling Cape Town Adventure experience in the traditional Sa Forest Adventures way.


What better way than to have your summer party spend in and around water.

We have the perfect entertainment to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

Our Blob has 1 or 2 sites in the Hermanus region where we blow it up for your party – or if you have a venue – We bring the Blob to you.


Below is a compilation (not our compilation) of what to expect……… DO Something Different — BLOB!!!




This is always a winner in summer......

This is always a winner in summer……