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White Water Rafting

Our White Water Rafting season has finally started. This is undoubtedly the most extreme and exciting activity Sa Forest Adventures has on offer. 1 Hour From Cape Town you will arrive in the picturesque town of Kleinmond – Our Base of operations for the White Water Rafting is here.

Our office in Harbor road is the meeting point and after fitting your wetsuits and safety gear we head off into the Kogelberg World Heritage site. This Nature reserve is host to spectacular walking trails and boast unspoiled natural beauty.

The Adventure takes place inside this floral kingdom. We start the rafting experience with a safety talk, meet and greet and then a short hike to the water. Once on the river (depending on the water level) the Guides will assist with safety and ensuring you are comfortable — well less talk and more visuals – below is what you can expect during the White Water Rafting session with us

Orange River Rafting

A special thanks to Max and Family for the awesome feedback and review below on their Family Orange River Rafting experience with us: BOOK YOUR ORANGE RIVER RAFTING HERE

Family Orange River Rafting Adventure.

It is difficult to decide what to do as a family every year. We stay in different towns and cannot always make time to spend together. My daughter a few months back had a class outing where they all went zip-lining in Constantia with SA Forest Adventures. She overheard one of the guides mention that they were taking a family Orange river rafting soon. Between her raving about how amazing Cape Town ziplines was and her begging me to go Orange river rafting. I started to think about suggesting the family go on a rafting trip. Camping under the stars, while spending our nights huddled around a camp fire and competing to catch the biggest fish in the day. That sounded like bliss!

Some of us are not particular water babies, where both my brothers have a deep love for water sport. I did some research of course and found SA Forest Adventures to be the company to not only respond the quickest, but they were the most forthcoming with information and friendly assistance. My mind was made up. I managed to secure a booking after a mild debate between the family: My sister was worried about our parents both in their 60’s, and her own son which just turn nine. Looking back I smile because it is difficult to tell who enjoyed it more, the younger or older family members.

The entire experience was out of this world! In some areas the water level was turbulent but not so that it was dangerous. With that said it was never boring. If you didn’t want to paddle down a moody stretch of water called ‘Big Bunny’ you could get out and walk along the side watching as the rest of us screamed in delight. Not once can I say that the Orange river rafting was tedious, some areas were more placid but there the wildlife was utterly  captivating. We saw birds of prey swoop down and catch fish meters for our rafts as we floated down the river.

There were a number of otters that dashed and dived on the edges of the river as we drifted along. We even saw small monkeys gallivanting in the tree tops completely oblivious to our large group passing within reach of them. The entire trip form pitching up tents, to fishing, meals and transport – everything was efficient and one could easily distinguish that the company had done this more times than they could count. This however did not take away from their enthusiasms and eagerness to assist. With regards to rafting, we were seated two per raft, which made it all the more interesting.

We were constantly competing on who could paddle to the front, during the few days we also switched partners which I know was the best bonding session my son and husband had in months. In this day and age it is sometimes difficult to catch up and just talk while seated in close proximity. It warmed my heart to see them laugh and splash each other while enjoying the comfortable row down the river. It is valuable time that I know each of us will treasure for always. The small chats, the laughs and over all the entire experience.

I want to thank you SA FOREST ADVENTURES, for taking us on a trip of a life time! Thank you for your efforts, for the photos, the delicious meals that had my daughter going back for seconds. Already my children are speaking about the next Orange River Rafting trip, this I see will become an annual ritual in our family.

Max and Family

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Rafting Orange River


Every year  we raft a section of the Orange River from Raap and Skraap down the Orange River Gorge  – where we have an awesome day abseiling down the Gorge. This 4 day trip is undoubtedly one of the most scenic river rafting sections –  Orange River Rafting at its best.

We will return to the site most of us fell in love with again in August 2014

This stretch of river  boast the most scenic stretch of the Orange River.

Most of the trip is a comfortable flat water paddle with a handful of rapids along the way. Its ideal for small groups wanting to experience a once in a lifetime adventure.

An abundance of fish along this stretch of river also creates for one of the most memorable fishing experiences you will ever encounter on the Orange River.

If you would like to book a trip on the Orange River with us please email us below.