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One of the rivers we operate on ( The Palmiet – near Kleinmond) recently featured on the very popular TV program – Kyk-Net – Dagbreek.
White Water Rafting is one of our preferred activity to do as owners – We do offer a very large range of products from Quads, Ziplines, Paintball etc etc. Nothing Beats Rafting!!!! lol

Love the Sunset on the Orange River

Love the Sunset on the Orange River

Orange River Gorge Rafting camp site

Orange River - Breakfast for Kings!!

Orange River – Breakfast for Kings!!

Rafting Orange River

SA Forest Adventures Orange River Rafting

Sa Forest Adventures Orange River Rafting Camp

Orange River  Rafting Camp

Orange River Gorge Rafting 3

Orange River Gorge Rafting 5
Last year we rafted a section of the Orange River from Raap and Skraap down the Orange River Gorge – where we had an awesome day abseiling down the Gorge. This 6/7 day/night trip was undoubtedly one of the most scenic river rafting some of us had ever done. Orange River Rafting at its best.

Later this year we will return to the site most of us fell in love with. We don’t intend on running this commercially – our senior managers and members of staff will once again (as team building) explore this wonderful stretch of untouched beauty. This stretch of river doesn’t boast the biggest and best rapids but does hold the title for the most scenic stretch of the Orange River.

Most of the trip is a comfortable flat water paddle with a handful of rapids along the way. Its ideal for small groups wanting to experience a once in a lifetime adventure.

An abundance of fish along this stretch of river also creates for one of the most memorable fishing experiences you will ever encounter on the Orange River.

If you would like to book a trip on the Orange River contact us for some references on the rafting companies we work with on the Orange River….